About Greg

Greg Shove

I am the current CEO of Section4, the premier upskilling platform for business professionals. Previously, I was the founder and CEO of SocialChorus, the leading advocate marketing solution for the enterprise. My career is a combo of big companies and start-ups, including Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer and AOL. I co-founded 2Market, seemebuyme.com and now SocialChorus. Weekends include soccer, photos and food.

About Section4

The Section4 mission is to democratize business education by offering top professors from top schools teaching the topics that actually matter in today’s digital economy. We provide access to and emphasis on networking and community-building with professionals from 60+ countries. Our proprietary sprint format delivers relevant, quality (over quantity) content that is immediately applicable at work.

About SocialChorus

SocialChorus is the leading advocate marketing solution for enterprise brands. Our SaaS solution makes it easy for brands to manage large scale internal (employee) and external (customer) advocate marketing programs.

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