About Greg

About Me

I am a hybrid Canadian (believe in a level playing field), British (do not quit), and American (dream of something better).

I am currently the CEO of Section4, the new business school for the tech economy. We think great business education needs to be reinvented and made more relevant, accessible and affordable for as many people as possible.


My career is a combo of big companies including Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer and AOL and start-ups. I co-founded Avalon Technologies (sold to Artecon Inc.), 2Market (sold to AOL), seemebuyme.com (closed down) and FirstUp (sold to Sumeru Equity Partners).

About Section4

Section4 is here to equip curious, ambitious thinkers with the business know-how they need to excel in the tech economy. We are the global leader in cohort-based learning mixing lesson videos with live lectures and TA office hours to create a 70+ NPS learning experience. We believe that transformational career education should be accessible and affordable – our all-access membership is only $950/year and we scholarship 10% of every class.

About FirstUp

I founded FirstUp (formerly known as SocialChorus) in 2009, with $1M of my own capital, an amazing founding team and an unhealthy level of relentlessness. With three pivots, 10 years and over $50M of venture capital we found decent enterprise product-market fit as a workforce communications platform for deskless workers. Sold the company to private equity investors – and hoping for a second exit.


Live in the Bay Area, married with 3 kids. Coach other entrepreneurs/founders. Weekends include crossfit, soccer, Argentinian wood grilling and angel investing. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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